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April 25th, 2000 by jpaul
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Social Justice: Beyond Rankism

May 30th, 2009 by Robert Fuller


If you glanced at my résumé you might assume that the high point of my life was at age thirty-three, being appointed as the president of Oberlin College. But something more significant than anything on my résumé happened a few years after I’d left that job. My awakening, in a shabby Greenwich Village phone booth, marked the beginning of a quest that would culminate, decades later.

I was awaiting a call from a foundation executive with whom I’d done business while at Oberlin. Despite my changed circumstances—no institutional tie, no office, no title, no secretary, not even a phone—as a former insider I knew how easy it is for someone with the right connections to score a grant for almost anything.

As the end of the business day approached and the phone did not ring, my hope faded, it hit me: I had become a nobody—exiled and invisible. It was not that the executive owed me a yes; it was that he’d broken his promise to call. In that moment, I knew that my dignity would never be secure and that so long as anyone’s dignity is at risk, everyone’s is.

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Marketing: Beyond Hype

May 24th, 2009 by Kent McBride
Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing

Early on I learned that whether playing football or marketing a business the message was the same. “This is war. It’s a zero sum game that you not only need to win, but increase your portion of the pie by squeezing your opponents down to nothing.”

I got pretty darn good at setting my sights and plunging into battle. I knew that advertising was a self-centered, one-way message, and it lied. Although I became as successful in business as I had been on the gridiron there lurked an emptiness in my gut. Something was missing.

When I began inhaling books that described businesses that operated with more than one bottom line, I got hooked.

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Happiness: Beyond Worry

May 15th, 2009 by Justine Toms
A New Day


Have you noticed the power and magical quality we give to worry? For many people, not worrying is equated being uncaring or naïve. Michael, my partner, has told me on many occasions, “Don’t worry; it will all work out.”  I would always reply, “Yes, but how?” He would say, “I don’t know, but I know it will.”

Worry has been the bane of my existence. During a spiritual practice that I recently engaged in with two friends, I realized that worry disconnects me from the happiness and serenity that are in my heart.

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Politics: Beyond Partisanship

April 28th, 2009 by Joseph McCormick
Together We Stand


I spent the first half of my life as a strident hater of liberals. Then, upon losing a risky bid for Congress, my marriage, business and political reputation disintegrated. After struggling with and for political power for almost a decade, fueled by an undercurrent of anger and righteousness, I left Republican politics. Exhausted and disillusioned, I retreated to a mountain cabin in rural Virginia.

No longer feeling so sure of myself or my world view, and having been humbled to the point of living well below the poverty line, life delivered an unlikely set of teachers. The small town I had chosen was a haven for 1960’s and 70’s back-to-the-landers. For someone whose nickname in the military had been “starch,” this community of hippies was not my first choice for neighbors.

Slowly, I began to understand that the underlying values motivating their behavior – sharing, interdependence, equality, compassion for the weak, a strong sense of justice, freedom, creative self-expression, and a reverence for nature – were the heart that had been missing from my politics.

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Psychotherapy: Beyond Analyzing or Directing

January 6th, 2009 by Jordan Paul


“Don’t therapize me!,” “I hate it when you psychoanalyze me!”, or “Cut out that psychobabble!” Phrases like these epitomize commonly thought of adverse reactions to psychotherapy. What does your picture of psychotherapy look like?

The face of psychotherapy whether practiced in an office, from a book, or in the media typically looks like a guru giving advice, analyzing and directing people in how they should feel, behave and think.

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Community: Beyond Together

January 2nd, 2009 by Jordan Paul
Meaningfully Together

Meaningfully Together

Community is typically thought of as a group of people living in the same locality or regularly gathering together such as in a work, social or on-line community. But, for many of us, just being in the same neighborhood, home or in cyberspace is not satisfying. My hunger for community is not met just by being together.

The heart of a community is meaningful connections. That’s what feeds my intellect, emotions, physical body, spirituality and creativity and nourishes my soul. Heart talk involves being emotionally touched with important personal learning, and feeling seen, heard and appreciated. With an intention to make heart connections an important and integral part of the community, any activity is an opportunity to be meaningfully together.

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Mission Statements: Beyond Words

December 30th, 2008 by Jordan Paul
I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

Have you ever worked for companies with Mission Statements or written your own? You don’t have to raise your hands but, how many of you have found them filled with wonderfully sounding ideas that were rarely practiced? In many of the companies that I served as a business consultant, the mission statement had become the symbol of the hypocrisy in the organization.

The heart of mission statements is respect. Most mission statements include this most essential element for a nurturing and peaceful environment. Unfortunately, our yearning to live in a safe and supportive sanctuary becomes dashed by the reality that when push comes to shove “Power Over” is used to get things done or to get one’s way. Disrespectful behavior then results in eroding the second essential element for peace, trust. (Click Respectful and Disrespectful Behaviors for a more detailed comparison.)

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Play: Beyond Mature

December 28th, 2008 by Jordan Paul
Play At Work

Play At Work

As far back as I can remember play was for kids. Games were serious and competitive contests. Winners were better and more masculine than losers. Parents bragged about winners and avoided talking about losers. Rules were written and unbreakable. Mature people didn’t play, they put their noses to the grindstone and were productive. I had lost my playfulness until the day that I met Fred.

I felt really odd and nervous entering a room full of strangers who were going to learn about play. But Fred immediately put us at ease. On his T-shirt were the words, “You don’t quit playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing.” With his soft manner and entertaining stories, he masterfully created a safe environment.

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Peace: Beyond Between Wars

December 28th, 2008 by Jordan Paul
Peace Begins With Me by Lee Shapiro

Peace Dove by Lee Shapiro

“Imagine” is one of the most popular songs of all time because it speaks to the heart of one of our most basic desires. When you allow John Lennon’s words and music to fill your heart, what does your heart tell you about your desire for peace? Not just living in a peaceful world but peace in all your communities, including your home, workplace and/or school?

Take a few minutes to READ or LISTEN TO “Imagine.”

Real peace is not what masquerades between nations or in families as a time between wars. It is living with a perpetual sense of serenity and security. Conventional thinking will never bring about that kind of peace. For real peace to become a possible dream a radical paradigm shift is required.

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